I'm Angel Prétot. As a French learning coach, I help busy adults learn French faster. My super power is turning people who speak only English into people who speak English and French.

A polyglot myself (I learned 5 languages to Fluency even though I was born in a monolingual French family), I know first hand the struggles that you have to face to conquer a language, and how crucial it is to have competent support and a reliable method.

The method I use with my students was only used in advanced professional adult training and not accessible to the public until I brought it online in 2015.

This method, known as Action-Oriented Approach is based on the latest guidelines, defined by the council of Europe in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

I learned this method as part of my master’s degree in language teaching. Afterwards, I taught French in different schools for over a decade, including the prestigious Vienna school of international studies.

In 2015, I switched to teaching online and I started adapting the Action-Oriented Approach for one-on-one coaching and self-study, by blending in it self-development tools, such as goal setting, prioritization, time management and mindset work.

I created courses and tools which have helped over a thousand students make faster progress. With all this experience under my belt, I created the best French learning tool you've ever come across: Your Roadmap to Fluency.

Your Roadmap to Fluency is a one-on-one service where I create a learning plan specifically designed for you. You won't believe what a difference Your Roadmap to Fluency makes in your study. Students who own their Roadmap to Fluency learn faster, are more motivated and enjoy their study a lot more. For this reason, Your Roadmap to fluency is now the starting point for every student who works with me. Once you own Your Roadmap to Fluency, you will have the option to book regular coaching with me.