I'm Angel Prétot. As a French Fluency coach, I help committed students reach French Fluency faster.

A polyglot myself (I learned 5 languages to Fluency even though I was born in a monolingual French Family), I know first hand the struggles that you have to face to conquer a language, and how crucial it is to have competent support and a reliable method.

The method I use with my students was only used in advanced professional adult training and not accessible to the public until I brought it online in 2016.

This method, known as Action-Oriented Approach is based on the latest guidelines, defined by the council of Europe in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

I learned this method as part of my master’s degree in language teaching. Afterwards, I taught French in different schools for over a decade, including the prestigious Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.

In 2015, I switched to teaching online. I adapted the Action-Oriented Approach for one-on-one coaching and self-study, by blending in it self-development tools, such as goal setting, prioritization, time management and of course mindset work.

I created courses and tools which have helped over a thousand students make faster progress. These are available in the shop.

I am currently testing the Roadmap to fluency, a one-on-one service where I create a learning plan specifically designed for you. I am also creating the Fluency Workbook, the ultimate roadmap to French Fluency, to be used with or without a coach.

A world traveler and 8-years French expat, I currently live in Berlin with my German wife, Juliette.



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