Why does this work so well?

We start with you.
Your learning style,
Your history,
Your goals.

Once we know who you are, where you are in your study and where you want to go, reaching your fluency goal is so much easier.

The big mistake most ‘experts’ make is assuming that students are all the same and can learn with the same cookie-cutter “miracle method”. In reality, every student is unique. 

You are unique.
As a result, whether any “miracle method” will work for you is completely random. You might have experienced it already.

My mission is to deliver to every student a personalised study plan, uniquely crafted for him or her.

My role is to understand you, your history, what drives you and what may put you off. With your help, I will find the best way to tackle your language study.

Starting with your end goals, we will define exactly what you need to study, and ditch the rest. This single step can divide by five the time you will need to become fluent.

Then, you will study this defined content systematically to build strong French skills, either with me in intensive coaching or in self-study - your choice.

I also encourage you to add more French to your life, for example music, movies, podcasts etc. to maximize your results without adding much extra effort or time invested. My ecourse Time for language learning will teach you how to do that.

If you opt for regular coaching with me, I will use my exceptional listening skills and empathy to help you learn and correct your mistakes in an empowering manner. Mistakes are how you learn, they are a gift, not a punishment.

I don’t like to brag, so I’d rather let my student Liz explain my teaching style:


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