French Fluency

 The Conversation Key

3 proven strategies to have relaxed conversations in French now.

FREE Live training on August 22nd
1pm ET- 10am PT - 7pm CET

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 Did you know that some French natives only ever use 500 words? In this brand new training, I will show you how you can have relaxed conversations in French, no matter how terrible you think your French is.

Meet your trainer

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Hi, I’m Angel Pretot, French learning coach. My passion is finding the quick hacks and the overarching mindsets that turn you into a fluent french speaker as soon as it gets. I work with CEOs, diplomats and other busy English speakers who need their French skills up-to-speed fast. In this training, you will learn the exact strategies and methods that I use with them to help them overcome their challenges and speak French with ease when it matters most.