French Fluency

Fast Road to Fluency

An online 1-on-1 coaching program to upgrade your French skills


Imagine speaking French with ease. - And wooing your clients in the process.

Picture this: you can speak and write French as easily as you speak and write English. You focus on what you say, not how to say it in French. Meanwhile, your clients barely notice you aren’t a native.  They are really impressed by your excellent French skills.

You need to speak French but you suck at it.

Each time you need to speak French, you are scared of saying the wrong thing or saying it the wrong way. You are too uncomfortable to do a good job. When you write in French, you waste so much time second guessing your vocabulary, your grammar and whether what you write is colloquial or appropriate.
Maybe you even shy away from doing it altogether.

Face it: your French skills are getting in the way of your productivity. And possibly of your career too. Better French skills could lead to a promotion, or a better job. Your French skills are sabotaging you.


Fast Road to Fluency

A 2 months intensive coaching program to upgrade your French skills, entirely online.

The Fast Road to Fluency is an online one-on-one coaching program designed to bring you the French skills that you need for your career. No fluff, no unnecessary grammar, no learning the names of vegetables (unless you really need to). The Fast Road to Fluency is the shortest way from Frustrated to Fluent.


In just two months, you could be

  • Speaking and writing French effortlessly

  • Saving time, energy and headaches (and possible embarrassment)

  • Having happier clients who love you and love to do business with you

  • Having a better job where you communicate in French naturally and effortlessly

  • Earn more as a result
    And last but not least:

  • Being proud of having achieved something that most people want to do but will never do: becoming fluent in a second language.

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Angel has helped me so much over the past two months and I now feel very confident and relaxed speaking the language. Thank you very much. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.”

Lewis, Transport Expert, UK


So how does this work?

Fast Road to Fluency consists of 16 40-minutes one-on-one sessions, online via skype, over 8 weeks.
40 minutes is the ideal duration for the student to warm up and focus on speaking French without getting strained or exhausted (which tends to happen after 40 minutes)

All sessions are recorded. You will have access to the recordings and the session notes, as well as all worksheets and documents we will use, in a personal google drive folder, which is yours forever.

During our first session:

  • We define together the exact skills that you need to perform at your best

  • I assess your current level to see which gaps we need to fill during the program

  • We make a list of all the things you need to learn in order to be fluent. We write this list on your Fluency Checklist. The Fluency Checklist is the backbone of the Fast Road to Fluency program.

  • I determine what we should work on first in order to have the biggest results with the smallest efforts.

  • We can do all this in French, if it’s comfortable for you. Or we can use English if it helps.

During the following sessions:

  • For each session we select one topic from your Fluency Checklist, and we work on it. It can  be “just” speaking, or you can have a written assignment, which we correct and discuss together, depending on your personal needs.

  • Following the 80/20 principle, we start with what’s easiest and most efficient for you, and then work our way towards more advanced and less critical challenges. In the end, all we have to do is fine-tuning and polishing your skills.

Sessions will also include:

  • Some critical grammar points (and you will get grammar exercises as homework if they can help you)

  • French “Hacks” - sneaky ways that you can by-pass learning complex grammar or vocabulary to get to the desired results much faster.

  • Personalized tongue-twisters and pronunciation exercises to address your pronunciation challenges.

  • Most, if not all, of the time spent speaking French and training your conversation skills.

  • Lots of feedback, from me to you, but also from you to me, so we can make this the best possible learning experience for you.

  • Ongoing assessment of your level and your needs. It is normal for new challenges to arise as we go, especially at the beginning. The Fluency Checklist is a living document which is meant to be updated throughout the program.


After 4, 8 and 12 sessions we go through the checklist again in order to celebrate the progress you made and see how we can best address the remaining challenges.

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I give you this bonus ecourse help you make the most of High Road to French Fluency:


Time for Language Learning

A proven step by step system to reclaim your time and make the most of your busy schedule to achieve fast progress. - Lifetime access

Because students who also integrate French in their life progress up to 5x faster than those who just show up for the sessions, this ecourse will show you how to integrate as much French as you can in your schedule, outside of the sessions.


Who’s the brain behind Fast Road to Fluency?

Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Angel Prétot, French Fluency expert and creator of the Fast Road to Fluency. 
Real French guy, complete with a love for cheese, a master’s degree in French teaching and amusing ways to explain French language and culture.

I’ve learned five languages to fluency myself, and lived in three countries where I taught French to hundreds of students over the past 13 years.

Since 2015, I have been teaching online exclusively and specializing in helping high performing students break through their blocks and reach fluency.

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"Angel is by far the best language teacher I’ve ever found. Incredibly knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, fun, and really dedicated to teaching. He guided me to conversational fluency within three months."

— Derek Sivers, Entrepreneur, USA

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“Angel is a well-informative teacher, and indeed a polyglot who knows how to approach fluency”

Mohammed, Business Executive, Saudi Arabia


Only 3 spots available

Due to the intensive one-on-one nature of this program, I can only accept 3 new students every months. Now booking for March 2018.

Your investment for Fast Road to Fluency is $1499 (or 2 payments of $899)


What happens now?

After you have filled your application form, I will contact you within two days. If your application is accepted, you will receive our studying contract, a link to book your first session and an invoice. You will also be able to book a free 30 minutes counselling session with me, if you have more questions before jumping in.

Fast Road to Fluency is for you if:

  • You work with French speaking clients or colleagues and need to communicate with them smoothly in French

  • You waste time and miss out on opportunities because your French isn’t good enough.

  • You need good French skills to perform at your best, and don’t have time to waste with subpar methods.

  • Becoming fluent in French would allow you to be promoted or get a better job.

  • You occasionally need to use French in your work and have a hard time whenever it happens.

  • You have tried other courses and were less than impressed by the results.

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Fast Road to Fluency is different from other courses

Other courses try to make your needs fit in their structure. Fast Road to Fluency fits around your needs.

If you have tried every method out there with no results, it’s time to consult an expert. In this program, you will have a French fluency expert with you twice a week, wherever you are.

Stop wasting time trying to speak or write French on your own. Bring your struggles to me and we will solve them together.


“I was failing my final year of university. The accuracy of my French was well behind my classmates. Although I tried to fix this on my own, I found many parts of French grammar simply too difficult. Angel worked with me to identify my weaknesses and explained the most complicated grammar points in ways that I understood. In the end, I was 2 marks off gaining a first class honors which is the highest possible level. This was down to Angel's help and I could never have done it without him. Now I confidently use French in my day to day life.”

— Adam Scott, UK student of French studies



“Angel is a great teacher. Being a polyglot himself, he is able to give me suggestions for language learning that other teachers can't. He is very patient. He gave me great tips on how to approach French, particularly so that I don't confuse it with Spanish.”

- Nicole, Software Developer, Australia


Love it or leave it

You don’t have to commit to this program right now. You can take your first two sessions without commitment, and if the Fast Road to Fluency isn’t everything you expected, all the sessions you have not taken will be refunded.


“After just one session, I could speak with my French friend and it was easier to understand him. Thank you”

- Kimball Gallagher, classical musician and entrepreneur, New York, USA


Where and when do the sessions take place? ×

Sessions are held online, via skype or another VoIP software. You can schedule them yourself via a scheduling tool. I work with students on Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 1PM to 8PM, CET (central european time). Our scheduling tool takes care of the time zone difference.

How long do I have access to the course material? ×

After each session, the recording of the sessions, the session notes I take for you, and any other necessary document are stored into a google drive folder, which is yours forever. You will be able to listen to the sessions and read the notes as much as you want, as often as you want, with no time limit.

What if I don’t like the program? Can I get a refund? ×

You can take the first two sessions without committing to the rest of the program. If you don’t absolutely love it, all sessions not taken will be refunded to you.

My level of French is really low. Can I join nonetheless? ×

It depends on what “really low” means. I can’t accept complete beginners in this program. The level required to join is A2. However I understand that it is difficult for you to know if you have reached level A2 already. Most people tend to under evaluate their level, so if you’re not sure, please fill out the application form and give me as many details as possible about your level. If you need me to evaluate your level before deciding to join, I will happily do it for you during a complimentary call. To this day, I have never had to reject an application because the student’s level was too low. I bet yours will be ok too.

Will I get homework ? ×

Yes. Typically you will need to review your vocabulary between sessions and occasionally do some exercises. If writing skills are important for you, you will be given writing assignment. Those can (and should!) be texts that you would have had to write for your work anyway.

My French never gets better, no matter what I do. How will this help me? ×

In Fast Road to Fluency, we first take time assessing and listing your personal issues, and then we address them systematically. Trust me, there is no French learning problem which can survive a professional and systematic treatment. French learning issues can originate in your mindset, in misconceptions about the language or simply in a lack of understanding of some grammar rules. Regardless of where the origin of the issues lies, I will find it and help you overcome your challenges, one issue at a time.

I can’t afford a program right now. ×

Are your poor French skills causing you to miss out on opportunities? Then you can’t afford not to join this program. Getting your French struggles out of the way is crucial for your career and your personal growth. The longer you keep struggling, the more time you waste and the more potential earnings you pass on. Join now and get the French skills that you need to move forward.

My field of work is uncommon, can you help me nonetheless? ×

Yes. Previous students on Fast Road to Fluency have worked in fields ranging from computer science to classical music, including business and entrepreneurship, but also charities. If you have a very uncommon field of work, I will love to work with you, as this helps me broaden my knowledge and discover new topics.

Most of my work is confidential, how do we proceed in this case? ×

I have worked with students whose work is confidential before.If it is your case, this means that you won’t be allowed to show me some documents you use at work. We will have to find similar documents to study. If you need to learn how to write documents, you will be required to write documents specifically for your French study which will result in you having more homework to do than a student whose field of work is not confidential and who can use their work documents in the course. If this is ok for you, then we can perfectly work on your French skills together.

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“Angel is so encouraging and full of helpful advice. I feel more comfortable with speaking French after every lesson”

Rebecca, Historical Fashion Expert, UK