Speak Fluent French in 2019 (even if you’re still a beginner)

Limited time replay until Wednesday, February 7th

  • Make astonishing progress in your French study - no matter where you are now or how you've been doing in the past.

  • Get over anxiety and finally speak with confidence, no matter your level.

  • Proudly show off your French skills before the year is over (yes, even if you're still a complete beginner).

About your coach:

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Hi, I’m Angel Pretot, French learning coach here on I have taught French to thousands of students, for over 15 years. Having distilled what works and what doesn’t, I have created Your Roadmap to Fluency, a fully integrated and personalised system to learn the French that you need, in your real life. In this brand new class, you will learn some of the most valuable techniques that I use with my private coaching students - you know, the ones who end up learning French within 6 months. You could be the next one. 😉

“Angel is by far the best language teacher I’ve ever found. Incredibly knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, fun, and really dedicated to teaching. He guided me to conversational fluency within three months.” - Derek Sivers, entrepreneur, author and TED speaker.