Exclusive follow up sessions

Follow up sessions are not included in the price of Your Roadmap to Fluency but you will be able to book them whenever you feel like a little more help from me. These sessions are the only way that you will get to pick my brain and grill me with any and all questions you have.

Follow up sessions are great to

1) Make sure you don’t fall of the bandwagon once you’ve started studying with Your Roadmap to Fluency

2) Adapt Your Roadmap to Fluency if your life circumstances have changed.

3) Reassess your level after you’ve made some progress and receive new recommended resources.

You can also book them in advance for an extra accountability boost. Right now, follow up sessions cost $60 (instead of their regular price $100) if you book them before May 31st.

Only students who own their Roadmap to Fluency can book follow up sessions.