Your Roadmap to Fluency

Do you want to speak French fluently?

I can help!

You want to be able to understand and speak with people, because:

  • You want to enjoy your trips and get a taste of "the real thing", not a dull tourist experience.
  • You need to speak French in your job, or you want a new job where you'll need it.
  • Your partner or spouse is a French speaker and you want to connect with his/her family and culture.
  • You live in a French speaking country and you want to learn the language that surrounds you. 


It's so frustrating when you can't put a sentence together!

Are you discouraged because you don't understand French speakers, or they don't understand you? Do you feel too shy to speak? Or you try to find the words in your head and you don't have them until the situation is over. People speak fast. You feel left out of conversation and you miss out on so much fun.


Some people become 'fluent in 3 months', while you can't seem to make progress. Why?!

Maybe you have tried several methods already, and nothing has worked. Do you wish there was a way to download the French language into your brain instantly? Well, I don't have that (yet!) but I have the next best thing:


Your Roadmap to Fluency

Your Roadmap to Fluency is a personalized learning plan, made for you, by me, a French Fluency expert. It is custom made for your personal situation, and it will fit nicely into your existing schedule, so you can learn French fast, without giving up all of your free time or massively upsetting your life.


It features:

  •  A personalized learning schedule, adapted to your existing routine, so it's easy to implement.
  • The exact content you need to study, so you don't waste your time on what's irrelevant.
  • Recommended resources, hand-picked for you so you can actually enjoy studying and learn about the topics you care about.
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How does it work?

1) You choose a time for our call
Click one of the red buttons on this page. Choose a day and time that suits you. Send your payment (paypal or credit card). You're in!

2) Starting questionnaire
After your call is scheduled, you'll get the link to a questionnaire. Please answer it at least 24 hours before your call, so I can get to know you and your study. This will ensure that we make the most of our time together. The questionnaire should take you less than 30 minutes.

3) 60-minute call
At the chosen time, we hop on a call, just you and me. You tell me more about your study, I ask some more questions and start suggesting solutions to make your French study more efficient, without investing a lot of time or effort in it. 

4) You receive your plan
Within 48 hours, I send you your personalized learning plan. It's a 3-page document. It contains:

  • Activities & schedule (page 1) 
  • Elements of language to study (page 2) 
  • Recommended resources (page 3)

It looks like this:

fluency roadmap thumbnail.png

You'll also get a surprise bonus to help you work with your plan easily.

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Limited availability:

This service is highly personalized, so there are only 10 spots available. 


Launching price: only $197
(regular price: $297)

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So, who's in charge here?

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Hi! I'm Angel Prétot, your French Fluency coach. I'm a language learning expert and a polyglot. I have learned 5 languages to fluency so I know a thing or two about efficient language study.  I created this service to help students make faster progress, even if they can't commit to a long  coaching program.


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Who can get good results with the Roadmap to Fluency?

The Roadmap to Fluency works best for four types of people:

- Travelers who want to enjoy their trips to the fullest.
- Spouses and partners of French speakers who need to connect with their in-laws (and maybe raise bilingual children too).
- Professionals who work with French speakers, or wish to learn French for a future job.
- English speakers who live in a French speaking country and want to learn the language they are surrounded with.

The learning plan is personalized so yours will be adapted to your personal situation.

How much time do I have to commit to studying with my personal plan?

You will need about 30 minutes to fill out the starting questionnaire, and 60 minutes on the call with me. During this call we will have a look at your schedule and find the best way to fit your study in it. So, the time commitment will be adapted to your schedule. On average, I recommend to dedicate 2x 60 minutes a week + 10 mins every day to your French study, in order to see progress really fast. This, however will be adapted to your personal time constraints.

When will the call take place?

You can choose a time slot which is convenient for you. My office hours are 7 AM to 2 PM ET, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Ready to start making huge progress?

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