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SMARTER Language Goals

From frustration to fluency. As fast as it gets.


You’re not quite sure how to progress in your language study.

Focus on the grammar? Or learn to pronounce every letter correctly first? Cram tons of vocabulary in your head? Or try to get as much practice as you can?

All the advice out there can get overwhelming quite fast. And making little progress is really frustrating. I get it.


You wish there would be a roadmap to go from frustrated to fluent.

I don’t have one (it doesn’t exist). But I have the next best thing: a 4-step process to determine what you should study next and make sure that you get epic results.

SMARTER Language Goals is an actionable ebook to help you craft motivating and efficient language goals and reach your ideal level.



Forget all you’ve heard about goal setting.

Defining language goals that work is a very simple process.

This ebook will walk you through 4 easy steps, and you will have efficient goals within minutes. So you can keep your time to study the language, smash your goals, and make amazing progress.


Easy. Actionable. No fluff.

Grab SMARTER language goals now for $4.99


Who is SMARTER language goals for?

Language students who want to make massive progress. If you are ready to set a motivating goal, study, smash your goal and repeat the process until you have reached your ideal level, this ebook is for you.

Who is it not for?

Dablers. Although everyone can use SMARTER goals, if toying with a language and never making any real progress if fine for you, you don’t need this book.


About the author

Angel Pretot is a polyglot and language learning expert from France. He has learned five languages to fluency - so far - and has coached hundred of students on their language learning journey.

He sets SMARTER goals for himself and his students every week. SMARTER goals are his secret weapon to go from frustrated to fluent. Thanks to this ebook, now, you can do it too.


Ready to skyrocket your progress?

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"Angel is by far the best language teacher I’ve ever found. Incredibly knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, fun, and really dedicated to teaching. He guided me to conversational fluency within three months."

— Derek Sivers, Entrepreneur, USA