Time for language learning

A step-by-step system to reclaim your time and create language study plans you can stick to.


Audit your schedule

Audit your schedule, to find out where your time goes. In your workbook, you will find three pages for this. Each page is meant to represent the blueprint of a typical day of your life. The three pages are for three different days, for example, a weekday, a Saturday and a Sunday. If you need more, feel free to reproduce them.

Write at what time you wake up, and if you don’t immediately get up after waking up, write at what time you get up, and what you do in between. Maybe you check your emails, check facebook... Then proceed to write everything you do and the corresponding time, until you fall asleep at night.

Be very honest while completing this task. The goal is not to represent perfect days, but to represent your actual, typical days. You don’t have to show these pages to anyone, but it is critical to represent the use of your time accurately, for the rest of the process.

If you are like me and you don’t have a typical day - because everyday is different, you can choose any three days in a row, which are not too untypical. It will give you an idea of how your time is typically used.

It might prove difficult to complete this task now on top of your head. This is perfectly normal. Please take one of these pages with you in the course of a regular day and write what you do and what time you do it, as the days go. Repeat the process if you wish to audit different days, such as weekdays and weekends.

Please complete this task before you watch the next video.

 Identify available time

Fill in pages 5,6,7 in your workbook before moving on to the next video.

Three things to keep in mind:

Make your plan

Download the list of activities here before you fill in page 8&9 in your workbook.

Assess and fine-tune your plan

You can use p10 in your workbook to assess and fine-tune your plan.

You made it! What now?

Thank you for taking this course until the end!

Please email me to tell me how you liked it.

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