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Merci Beaucoup for your fluency worksheet. After studying and learning words for and years and a half, your "daily task list" made me understand what fluency was all about and how to get there.
I made my list of daily tasks, translated them in my head or with study guide help and now I'm speaking usable French in just a few days! (Even if it's to my dog!) Besides learning the words, you have helped me more than anyone else or any of the loads of material I have gotten over the past 18 months. I'm thrilled! My friend kept asking me why I kept looking for new study material. Its because I couldn't find that magic program to confident speaking and focused learning on which subjects were most important. Now I have found it!!! THE DAILY TASK LIST is the most helpful piece of material I have besides learning basic words.

- Pam May, about using the Fluency Worksheet